Our hours of operation are 7am – 6pm.  Our Forest School program runs from 8am-5pm.  If your child is enrolled in this program and arrives before 8am please bring them into the Playhouse. The Forest School Educators will come into Lisa’s to take your child to Tír na nÓg Forest School.

All children registered at our centre will be charged a one-time registration fee of $75 and this includes a yearly rain suit rental fee.  The rental fee of $25 will be charged every September that your child is with us.  See clothing recommendations under the Parent tab.


Hummingbirds (birth to 24 months)

$45/day – $225/week

Our infant room is based on full time attendance only.  We have a maximum of 6 spaces in this room with two full time ECE certified educators.


Owlets (Two – Three and a Half Years)

Half Day (7:00-11:30am) $25

Full Day (7:00 am – 6pm) $38

Our Owlets have so much fun! They learn to socialize, share, make new friends and have fun every day! We introduce basic concepts of letters, numbers and colours, with story time and songs. We spend time every day outdoors and love to explore and encourage a love of nature.


Robins and Chickadees (Three and a half – Five years)

Half Day (7:00 am – 12pm) $25 *program starts at 8am

Full Day (7:00 am – 6pm) $38

At this stage our Robins are preparing for preschool. Again using the play based structure, children explore more of the world around them. Different topics and activities are introduced and more time is spent with our older children in the centre.

Our Chickadees are almost ready to leave our nest! In our program these children are preparing for their entrance into higher education. Play based programming continues through this stage but with more stimulation and in depth discussions about the activities underway. A simple experiment turns into so much more when a 4 year old questions “What if ?”


Before and After school program at Lisa’s

Before and After School – $20

Just After School – $16

Children who attend Sussex Elementary school can catch the bus at Lisa’s Playhouse and also come after school. Children are accompanied to and from the bus by one of our educators. A great convenience for working parents!


After School Program at AES

After School – $16

Children from kindergarten to grade 5 who attend Apohaqui Elementary School can attend our AES Village Clubhouse program. Monday- through Friday from 2-6 pm on school days. Time is devoted to homework, free play and recreation time in the gymnasium and outside!


PD Days/Public School Closures


All programming for PD days/Public School Closures takes place at our sister site, Tír na nÓg Forest School directly behind Lisa’s Playhouse.  The children spend their day outside.  If the weather is poor in a cozy wood stove heated shelter is available.


Summer Camps

Preschool aged – $38

School aged – $35

Weekly summer camps devoted to having fun and exploring nature with activities planned by our educators for children of all ages!  The preschool summer camps are based out of Lisa’s Playhouse and the school aged program is based at Tír na nÓg Forest School.  They both follow the weekly themes and spend their days outside.


See Tír na nÓg Forest School for more unique programming!