Outdoor Clothing

We go outdoors every day! It may seem cold or rainy when your child arrives, but the weather may improve and your child will require appropriate clothing for outdoor play! Please dress your child in clothing that can be soiled so they will feel free to participate in messy projects and trail hikes.

You should expect your child (and his/her clothing) to get dirty outdoors! If at any time your child's clothing becomes wet and uncomfortable, we will assist him/her in changing into their extra set of clothes. It is also a good idea to keep a light sweater or sweatshirt in your child’s cubby in case it feels a little chilly in the classroom or is chilly outside.

Parents are asked to bring a complete change of labeled clothing to be left in your child’s back pack, as well as ‘indoor only’ shoes. We ask that back packs be taken home each day and replenished if needed because our cubby space is limited. Here is a list of items that should be in your child’s backpack at all times:

*Seasonal outdoor clothing (recommendations in the table below)

*3 pairs of socks (wet feet are uncomfortable)

*2 pairs of underwear (accidents do happen)

*2 pairs of pants

*2-3 shirts

If clothing items are not labeled, it makes it extremely difficult to remember which items of clothing go to which children. Unlabeled and unclaimed items will go in our lost and found and then to the Sharing Club.

To dress your child for outdoor play, we recommend:


Rubber boots
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Light gloves


Snow boots
Snow jacket
2-3 pairs of Waterproof long cuff mittens
Neck warmer (no scarves)
Snow pants
Second layer
Warm socks (long ones)


Rubber boots
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Closed-toe shoes


Sun hat
Closed-toe shoes (no flip flops!)
Also clothing appropriate for hikes.
(long pants and long sleeve shirts-SEE: Tick protection)

Please label all items!

Sunscreen will be provided by the centre. If your child has sensitivities and requires special sunscreen, you will need to send it with your child.