Our Story

Lisa’s Playhouse has been in business for 11 years now – Growing stronger each year, we operate with 17 staff members and numerous children through Lisa’s Playhouse, Tir na nog Forest School and Apohaqui After School programs.

Lisa married Seamus Brown in Co. Down, Northern Ireland in 1993 and they have a daughter Caragh, who was born also in Northern Ireland in 1995.The family returned to Canada later that year. Through her life as a mother, Lisa knew she wanted her daughter to grow up with a love of nature and to be surrounded by family every day.  In 2007 as she opened Lisa’s Playhouse, she knew she wanted other children to have this as well when their parents had to work.

For a number of years, Lisa has had a keen interest in outdoor learning for young children.  She and  Seamus opened Lisa’s Playhouse Children’s Learning Centre in 2007 with the thoughts that one day she would expand and open a forest school program based on the Scandinavian model.  After many months of research and planning, Tír na nÓg Forest School opened its invisible doors in September 2013 on a 5-acre forested woodlot directly behind Lisa’s Playhouse in Sussex.  Because of their Irish background, an Irish name for their forest school seemed fitting.  Tír na nÓg is an Old Irish word that means “The land of the young”.

The land around Lisa’s Playhouse and Tír na nÓg Forest School is very familiar to Lisa and holds a soft spot in her heart.  The children who attend her programs visit the same special places she used to when she was their age.  It is her hope and dream to be successful in reconnecting children to the natural world so that when they look back on their childhood they have the same happy memories as she does.

Working hard to achieve this, Lisa and Seamus have grown Lisa’s Playhouse and Tír na nÓg Forest School to what it is today. .  They work together in all areas of the businesses.  Seamus is a brick mason by trade but also has a talent for carpentry and has built every building and almost everything in them for the playhouse and forest school

Lisa’s Playhouse started as a small in-home day care and has grown to our three facilities, 5 acre property teaching children our love for our fellow neighbors and our world around us.  Operating Lisa’s, Tír na nÓg and Apohaqui Afterschool Program, has been a full-time career for Lisa and Seamus.

Each year as we graduate children and welcome new ones in, we see the successes, our children are loved, and they are taught the values of family and community.  They are given an education surrounded by nature inside and out.