Eco-friendly child care

Lisa’s Playhouse is Eco-Healthy Child Care® Certified!

The Oregon Environment Council developed in 2005 an Eco-Healthy Child Care® (EHCC®) program to ensure child care facilities are as environmentally healthy as possible.  After five years of success, the EHCC® became in 2010 a national program led by the Children’s Environmental Health Network.

We hope someday that our Canadian government will establish our own Eco-Healthy Child Care program to guide and support all of our child care centres in New Brunswick and across our nation! Wouldn’t that be money well spent to help improve our environments for our youngest citizens???

We are proud to have become the first childcare centre in New Brunswick to be endorsed by EHCC program in 2017!

Pesticides and Pest Prevention​

  • We use non-toxic techniques both inside and outside the facility to prevent and control pests both for insects and weeds.

Air Quality​

  • We avoid conditions that lead to excess moisture as it contributes to the growth of mold and mildew.  We maintain adequate ventilation through an advance air filtration system for both the central air conditioning and heating.
  • We repair water leaks and keep humidity within the desirable range of 30-50%.
  • We do not allow cars or other vehicles to idle in our designated parking areas.
  • We do not use scented or unscented candles or manufactured air fresheners.
  • We do not permit smoking anywhere on the premises.

​Household Chemicals​
✓  We use biodegradable non-toxic cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing products.
✓  When other products are required, they are used only for their intended purpose and in strict accordance with all label instructions.  We store these products where children cannot access them.
✓  We used chlorine bleach only when and where it is absolutely required or recommended by the province and local authorities.  We use it prudently and never more than necessary.
✓  We do not use aerosol sprays of any kind.
✓  We use only low-VOC household paints and do not paint when children are present.​


✓  The water used in our facility is tested by the Department of Public Health twice a year and has continued to pass all standards.
✓  When purchasing new toys we try to search for eco-friendly options.  Most of our educational materials/toys are made of natural materials and wood.


✓  We do not use any mercury containing thermometers or thermostats.  Instead we use digital options.
✓  We securely store and recycle all used batteries and fluorescent and compact light bulbs.

Furniture and Carpets​

✓  To avoid possible exposure to flame retardants, we ensure that furniture is in good condition
✓  Furniture is made of solid wood, with few if any items made of melamine.
✓  Our facility does not have any carpets or area rugs.

Art Supplies​

✓  We use only non-toxic art supplies.​

Plastics and Toys​

✓  We avoid toys made of plastics or vinyl,as much as possible. We instead purchase toys made of natural materials or wood.​

Treated Playground Equipment​

✓ We do not have any playground equipment or house structures made of treated wood.

Recycling and Garbage Storage​

✓ We are a cloth diaper friendly facility.
✓ We recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastics.
✓ We compost all compostable items
✓ Practice water conservation (including rain barrels)

​Education and Awareness​

✓ We create opportunities to educate the families we serve on eco-friendly practices.

The children learn to practice the three R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle), water conservation and composting in the child care setting.  They are also involved in hands-on learning opportunities that further re-enforce these habits.

The children are actively involved in their own organic garden. The children harvest what they have grown.

NO IDLE ZONE:  We care about the environment and your child’s health! A friendly reminder to please take your car keys with you when dropping off and picking up your children.  Please do not leave your car idling in our parking lot.  Thank you.